GAIA-2 R452A

Clase de temperatura
Storage temperature °C
-22 -25
0 +2
Baja temperatura + temperatura normal
Grupo frigorifico incorporado
<p>Refrigeracion estatica</p>
<p>Desescarche natural</p>
<p>R 452A</p>
<p>Superficies mediansa</p>
<p>Superficies pequeñas</p>
<p>Tienda especializada</p>
<p>Platos preparados</p>
<p>Leche fresca</p>
<p>Pescado envasado</p>
<p>4ª gama</p>

The island Gaia 2 summarizes, in one cabinet, the philosophy of different models of Urano 2. The exhibitor, despite of an external width equal to an Urano 2 Maxi, allows access to the products from both sides and with separate openings like an Urano 2 Twin, solving the needs related to the displacement inside shops with smaller areas available.

Longitud sin laterales
Superficie de exposición horizontal
2280 mm
2,03 m2